Google Ads Generates Website Traffic

Your website has only seconds to seize user interest. Therefore, when it comes to the content you create and post on your site the initial exposure should help your audience determine whether they want to spend more time on your ads or not. There is too much competition for time to expect that customers will invest any of theirs trying to overcome a dull introduction. If you want to build your website traffic then you have to be edgy while not bragging, be willing to challenge and amuse your audience without poking them in the eye or bombarding them with too much irrelevant information. In comes provocative content.

Your site, and particularly your landing page, should be stimulating enough to be memorable and cause others to spread the word. If possible, design a website that has at least one video plus a seven-second revolving text testimonial, a dramatic and attractive value, and a typical client results. Also, a must-have for your website site is a menu that includes result studies, client list, biography, contact information, product and service offerings and video explanations of various offerings.

For your brand to be successful on the Internet, three key elements must apply:

  • To quickly gain visitors interest and generate website traffic, have a professionally-designed site that is attractive, engaging, and easy to load and navigate
  • Focus on your visitors’ interests and address their questions by developing strong and relevant content in the form of products, services, and intellectual info
  • Be strategic and tactical when determining how to capture and retain your audience. You can either communicate through blogs and online communities, offer users the options to subscribe to newsletters, use catchy call-to-actions, etc

How your business appears to your customers or how it positions itself online are vital internet components that are critical to generating website traffic, consequently, making the business a success. And without the above three key elements, your website’s effectiveness is significantly compromised because users will either close your page or press the back button to go to another site.

The goal here is to focus on working with components that are most significant for your credibility by changing what you are emphasizing on especially if your positioning is about issues that are only singular to your brand’s value.

How Google Ads Generates Website Traffic

When you know how you are being perceived and spotted by users, you can utilize a device such as Google Alerts that monitors the web for mentions of your name, your business or your immediate competitor(s). Google Alerts is useful for more than just boosting your ego, it is a free, simple to use tool that granted, may not necessarily catch all internet mentions related to your business or brand but the web monitoring can unveil opportunities for link building, brand building, and collaborations, that you will be notified by email.

In 2015 alone, Google had revenues of $75bn, and it generates most of its revenue from selling advertising opportunities for businesses on the search pages we all use. There are many factors that impact how targeted, and profitable your ad campaigns are, and no matter what industry niche you are focused on, you can increase your ROI as well as your qualified leads and get more from your investment with Google ad campaigns. Google AdWords is a favorite tool that webmasters use to drive sales and generate leads from page views and clicks as user browse a website or view advertisements. Google is the largest search engine that dominates the world in mobile and digital ad revenue, making it the best place for businesses to buy ads for their target keywords. One of the best practices for managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns is to get AdWords certified.

When you want to get more PPC-based clients, getting Google Ads certified should be a priority because it gives your brand a much-need boost in popularity and credibility, consequently, give it an edge over the competition. Compared to a mega social media platform like Facebook, Google AdWords, is one of the most effective platforms for driving sales and displaying an AdWords certificate on your website is a professional endorsement that Google offers brands that show proficiency in PPC advertising.

If it is a result of poor user experience on your landing pages or a new Google algorithm that is making your organic rank plummet you can generate more website traffic using Google ads. However, to increase traffic on your website with direct-response campaigns that encourage customers to perform a specific action you need to familiarize yourself with placement targeting, ad formats, bidding and most importantly, consider where you run impactful campaigns. Keep in mind that search engine optimization, PPC marketing, content and conversational marketing as well as social media marketing environments are constantly evolving every day.

Best Google AdWords Practices

It is, therefore, paramount that you appreciate the full extent of what this incredible Google Ad platform has to offer. To fully enjoy benefits such as customized audiences designed to help you find your perfect user, new and innovative ideas for remarketing, and more you need to avoid making any mistakes during while setting up your account because they will derail your efforts for the expected high volume of impressions or website traffic build-up. You also need to execute in-depth keyword research until you have the perfect batch of high-volume and relevant words that are bound to drive clicks and conversions.

Due to increased relevance across Google ads and keywords, the more detailed you are with your targeted keywords, from the get-go, the cheaper your CPC, the higher your CTR, and conversion rate will be. Also, having the right combination of relevant ad extensions such as callout, sitelinks, click-to-text, promotion and seller rating extensions will enhance CTR, lower average CPC, improve ad positioning, generate website traffic and more. To succeed on Google AdWords for your traffic-generation campaign, you need to spend money on per-clicks as their costs occasionally tend to increase.

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